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According to Healthline, getting regular exercise, losing weight, massaging the affected area, using heat and cold packs and consuming turmeric can help reduce arthritis pain. Assistive devices, such as canes and walkers, can also be used to enhance mobility, notes Mayo...


Performing range-of-motion exercises, using hand tools, and applying heat or cold are all home remedies for arthritis in the hands, explains Mayo Clinic. Avoiding clenching of the hands is also recommended to treat arthritis at home.


Dietary changes, nutritional supplements, weight reduction, exercise and medications are some arthritis remedies for dogs, according to the ASPCA. Physical therapy and surgery are other treatment options, states WebMD.


Medications, splints and exercise treat rheumatoid arthritis pain in the fingers and hands, according to WebMD. Other treatments to ease the pain of rheumatoid arthritis include using hot and cold therapy.


Some remedies for arthritis in the hands include steroid injections, hand exercises and the wearing of splints at night or when engaged in certain activities. Resting the joints is also useful for treating hand arthritis, according to WebMD. For more severe cases of han...


Some natural remedies for treating arthritis include losing weight, exercising regularly, hot and cold treatments, acupuncture and meditation as well as massage and including omega-3 fatty acids and turmeric in the diet. Taking herbal supplements such as ginger, aloe ve...


The best treatment for arthritis pain is either medication, therapy, surgery or a combination of multiple treatments, according to Mayo Clinic. Applying hot or cold packs can alleviate the pain associated with arthritis.