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One way of applying for a job at The Home Depot is through the Career page on its official website. The online application process involves creating a login for the site, searching for job openings, answering an online questionnaire, uploading a CV or resume and submitting the online application. If


Home Depot customers can buy a wide variety of items including paint, tools, doors, windows and appliances. The garden center sells mulch, plants, flowers, lawn mowers, string trimmers, patio furniture and landscaping items such as step stones.


One type of wire shelving unit uses cubby holes to store shoes and other items and is suitable for small spaces. Other types of units are more appropriate for closets or kitchen cupboards.


The closing time for Home Depot varies for different locations. In Atlanta, Ga., store hours are from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.on Monday through Saturday and 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sundays, as of August 2014. The official Home Depot website has hours for all national stores.


Contact information for Home Depot is available on its website, according to the company. HomeDepot.com provides an online customer support directory with contact information for commercial, private and government consumers.


The Home Depot is a chain of construction and home improvement superstores that focuses on a "do it yourself" mentality, according to their company website. The chain sells products in a wide variety of home improvement categories, from appliances, carpet and cabinetry to lumber, paint and landscapi


Beyond differences in interior design, arguably the most notable difference between Home Depot Inc. and Lowe's is that Home Depot is bigger than Lowe's as a company and is the largest U.S. home improvement chain, as reported by Bloomberg in 2014. While both retailers offer a vast range of name brand


The Home Depot offers laminate, hardwood, tile and vinyl flooring, among others. Customers who purchase flooring through The Home Depot can also opt to have the flooring installed by Home Depot flooring-installation professionals. Customers can make a flooring-measurement appointment through HomeDep


A Home Depot catalog is available on HomeDepot.com as well as through electronic catalog providers such as Flipseek.com. Each Home Depot location has the right to make its own local catalog, so be sure to look at the correct location.


Home Depot does not list any 24 hour locations. Hours vary by location, so it is best to contact a specific Home Depot for store hours. Alternatively, Home Depot's website offers information on store hours.