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Remodeling a ranch house can involve creating open floor plans with loft ceilings, adding extra rooms horizontally or vertically, or making cosmetic changes to update an older home. As Mosby Building Arts points out, ranch houses are very adaptable to most lifestyles and are increasingly considered


Vaulted ceilings, tall windows and a fireplace are all popular ideas for family room additions. Other ideas include color scheme changes, such as implementing a neutral palette or adding contrasting, complementary colors. Changes in woodwork, furniture styles, carpeting and patterns throughout the r


Addition is the process of combining two or more quantities together. It is a mathematical operation denoted by the symbol “+”, which is referred to as the plus sign. In verbal expressions, the terms “plus,” “sum,” “total,” “more than” and “increased by” are synonymous with addition.


Some good ideas for second story room additions includes building more bedrooms, adding extra storage space or making a home office. A separate apartment can also be added to a second-floor addition with its own kitchen, bathroom and bedroom along with a separate entrance.


Ideas for a work-at-home business include accounting, business planning, bicycle repair, computer repair and editorial services. Jobs often have their own education, experience and specialization requirements. Work-at-home businesses are a good fit for retirees and individuals who are looking to cha


To calculate the cost of a home addition, there are many factors to consider, including the square footage of the additional room, home location, architectural services, construction materials and fixtures, project labor project supplies and cleanup services. Typically, a family room addition can co


Hot 4 in 1, HiTEC 4045, Shaeffer's #317 Kleen Burn and Bell Performance ATX-942 are some home heating oil additives as of 2015. Heating oil additives use a variety of formulations to improve the efficiency of oil burning furnaces through different methods of removing water and eliminating sludge bui


When adding a patio room, think about making a sunroom, which is ideal for relaxing or entertaining, or adding an outdoor kitchen, states HGTV. Another option is to add an adjoining greenhouse for year-round gardening.


Some good ideas for homeschool projects include a student using video conferencing technology to interview experts, using a garden and kitchen to learn about botany and measurement, and having a student research and plan field trips based on curriculum topics. For these projects, parents act as ment


Some good ideas for home-based business positions include personal trainer, translator and music teacher. Some people prefer working from their homes instead of going to the office for a 9 to 5 job, and they can find these ideas useful.