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The Home Depot's in-stock and quick-ship kitchen cabinets include Hampton Bay cabinets in satin white, cognac, harvest, medium oak and hickory finishes, a variety of unfinished oak cabinets and cabinets from Home Decorators Collection and EuroStyle. Custom kitchen cabinets available from The Home De


To make cabinet doors, measure the cabinet holes, cut the wood to the right width, fashion the stiles, fashion the rails, cut the panels and assemble the doors. Making each door takes about one hour and requires lumber, a table saw, a miter saw, a router table, wood glue, clamps and a measuring tape


Metal storage cabinets provide a functional way to organize work space and cut down on clutter. They are most frequently used in garage or workshop settings to keep tools, cables and other maintenance gear arranged and easy to access. In an office or commercial environment, metal storage cabinets se


The Home Depot sells a variety of sizes and models of interior doors. Customers can purchase doors directly from The Home Depot's website or by visiting a nearby physical location.


A simple DVD cabinet is built using plywood sheets, putty, paint or wood stains. Tools needed to build a DVD cabinet include paint brushes, nails or screws, brackets, a saw, a hammer, sand paper and a tape measure.


To install a pocket door, you have to cut out the old drywall where the pocket door slides behind and install the pocket door frame. Then, attach the pocket door to the sliding mechanism on the door frame.


Some of the best types of wooden cabinets for storage include cherry, maple, oak, alder, hickory, walnut, birch and pecan. There are also other choices for compound materials that are easy to maintain and highly durable.


To install storage cabinets in a garage, determine the position of the cabinets, mark the cabinets' lower edges, and affix a narrow wooden board along the marked line. Position one of the cabinets over this board, and secure it in place with wood screws. Attach the other cabinets in a similar manner


HomeDepot.com sells one option for closet French doors, as of June 2015. This door, manufactured by Builder's Choice, is $349 and may ship directly to a home or a local Home Depot store.


Some good retailers for storage containers and cabinets include The Home Depot, Lowe's and Target. Each retailer also offers a wide selection of storage and cabinet options online at their respective websites, Homedepot.com, Lowes.com and Target.com.