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View the faces and profiles of CNN Worldwide, including anchors, hosts, reporters, correspondents, analysts, contributors and leadership.


The following is a list of notable current and past news anchors, correspondents, hosts, regular contributors and meteorologists from the CNN, CNN International and HLN news networks.


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Susan Li is an incredibly beautiful journalist who presently works for the American television channel CNBC. She was born in China, but migrate to Canada as a child. She earned a degree in economics from the University of Toronto. Without any doubt, she is one of the hottest female news anchors on the planet.


At second position in our list of Hottest Women News Anchors. See also the list of top 10 women of Fox News. 1. Courtney Friel Courtney Friel – Hottest Women News Anchors. Network: KTTV-TV Los Angeles Twitter: @courtneyfriel. At top of the list of Hottest Women News Anchors is an American reporter for KTTV in Los Angeles Courtney Friel.


Wrapping up our ten hottest female news anchors list is Amanda Drury, the Australian journalist who is a news anchor for CNBC. Amanda Drury has a voice and personality that makes even the most negative news easy to stomach, and a face that belongs on this list.


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You will be hard pressed to find a female news anchor that isn’t hot. I dare you! Truth be told, no matter how sexist it sounds, beauty has always been one of the crucial aspects of becoming a news anchor. Almost all of the news anchors on this list can be considered models, and there isn’t anything bad in that.


Famous quotes containing the words reporters and/or anchors: “ Now he is a statesman, when what he really wants is to be what most reporters are, adult delinquents. ” —Peggy Noonan (b. 1950) “ The primary function of myth is to validate an existing social order. Myth enshrines conservative social values, raising tradition on a pedestal.


When you talk about women who have risen above just their beauty to become brains in issues that matter, you would be talking about Robin Meade, the beautiful and talented lead news anchor for HLN’s morning show Morning Express with Robin Meade.At her age and with the number of years she has put into the job, it is safe to say Robin has become something of a star.