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The tuba was one of the bell-over-the-shoulder instruments patented in 1838 by Allen Dodworth of New York and made to his design by Uhlmann of Vienna.


But this history has hitherto been little researched. Often, it's not even clear what instruments the composer wanted. In tuba parts, for example, it's hardly ever stated ...


throughout the company's history, especially in the brass family. The C.G. Conn tuba product lines are no exception to this company's extraordinary success, and  ...


Brief History. The tuba is the largest and lowest-pitched musical instrument in the brass family. Like all brass instruments, sound is produced by moving air past ...


Mar 1, 2019 ... There are tubas, and then there's this. Harvard University Band Director Mark Olson looks forward to having a fully restored tuba in time for the ...


Feb 2, 2020 ... From Vaughan Williams to Lennon-McCartney, many composers have written for the humble tuba. We explore how the instrument developed ...


The History of the Tuba. Grade 9-12 General Music David Van Horn. Why was it needed?. The growing size of bands and orchestra needed a bottom end.


History of the Tuba. Category: Instruments. Tubas are traced to an instrument called the serpent created by Frenchman Edme Guillaume around 1600. This first  ...


Tuba is not only a memoir, but it is a history of the twentieth century American music world and a resource for all music teachers and music lovers." ( NBA Journal).


its own niche in music history. Musical tastes change however, and the French tuba has been largely supplanted by tubists using instruments twice its size.