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The Pentagon is the headquarters building of the United States Department of Defense.As a symbol of the U.S. military, the phrase The Pentagon is also often used as a metonym for the Department of Defense and its leadership.. Located in Arlington County, Virginia, across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., the building was designed by American architect George Bergstrom and built by ...


The Pentagon’s first employees moved in on April 30, 1942; the building officially opened on January 14, 1943. Its massive bulk—6.24 million gross square feet—held 410,000 cubic yards of ...


In 2001, on the 60th anniversary of the Pentagon’s groundbreaking, five terrorists hijacked a commercial airliner and piloted it into the building during the September 11 attacks. Part of the southwest side of the building was destroyed, and 189 people, including the terrorists, were killed. The damage was largely repaired within a year.


A History of the Pentagon Building Construction on the Pentagon didn't begin until the U.S. was about to enter World War II. The race to complete it is the inspiration behind a new book, The ...


The Pentagon is three in one: It is a building, an institution, and a symbol. It is an engineering marvel—a product of its time and civilization. Born of necessity, built in great haste, and occupied section by section, it turned out to be a much better building than anyone expected or had a right to expect.


Construction on the Pentagon was completed in January 1943. With about 6.4 million square feet, it is still today the world’s largest low-rise office building.


The Pentagon is certainly one of the most iconic buildings located in the Washington, D.C. area. So recognized and established within American military culture that the word "Pentagon" itself has become a metonym for the Department of Defense. In The Pentagon: A History, author Steve Vogel overviews a history of the building itself.


The Pentagon is 6.5m square ft (2X the Empire State Building) and is occupied by 23,000 people, making it the biggest office building in the world. Also, it was designed so that no point in the building is more than 10 minutes walk from another point.


The Pentagon is a universal symbol of U.S. strength and security known around the world, but do you know the history behind it? The 1,100 acres of land on which the Pentagon sits was once part of ...


From its opening, all facilities were open to both black and white employees, making the Pentagon, for a time, the only non-segregated building in Virginia. 7. The building went up in record time.