There are different versions of the story of Bluebeard; however, one thing they agree on is that Bluebeard was not actually a pirate but the title character in a fairytale. The story of Bluebeard is the story of a violen... More »

Although pirates have existed throughout history and still exist, the golden age of the pirate traditionally depicted in media was from 1620 to 1720. According to the Royal Naval Museum, pirates abounded during this era ... More »

The Pittsburgh Pirates are called the Bucs because it is a shortened version of "buccaneers," another word for pirates. The team is part of the National League of Major League Baseball and is based in Pittsburgh, Penn. More »

The ornament on the front of a pirate ship is referred to as a figurehead. These decorations came about during the early days of seafaring, around 800 A.D., but gained popularity during the 16th century. More »

The big steering wheel used on a pirate ship was called the helm. A traditional ship's helm was composed of eight cylindrical wooden spokes joined by a central, round hub, which was attached to the axel. It was often lin... More »

Pirates are often depicted in film and media as having a pet parrot on their shoulder, but this image is most likely prompted by the description of a fictional character from the book "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis St... More »

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