Despite their name, "Panama hats" are traditionally made in Ecuador. In Ecuador, Panama hats are called sombreros de paja toquilla, meaning "hats of toquilla straw." More »

Panama Jack hats may be cleaned with a hat brush, a lint roller, cornstarch or talc, hydrogen peroxide and a damp washcloth, a stain stick or laundry detergent, depending on what they are made of. Panama Jack makes hats ... More »

The Panama Canal was first attempted by the Spanish government beginning in 1819, although it was not completed until 1913 by the U.S. government, after the country of Panama was created in 1903. It was first used on Aug... More » History Modern History

John Deere enthusiasts can obtain free John Deere hats by entering contests, registering products subscribing to newsletters or by submitting their name and email address during special promotions periodically offered by... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories Hats

Shapes and embellishments on hats vary, but making a simple toque can be as easy as creating multiple rounds of single crochet starting from the brim, and then decreasing stitch numbers regularly at the top for the crown... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories Hats

New Era Titleist hats come in pre-determined sizes that do not always fit correctly. However, it is possible to buy one that is too large and shrink it down to size. More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories Hats

Monster Energy hats feature vibrant colors, embroidered graphics, high-quality materials and the Monster Energy logo both front and rear. There are many rare and unique Athlete's Only Monster Energy hats that were releas... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories Hats