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The Global Human Settlement Layer framework produces global spatial information about the human presence on the planet over time. This in the form of built up maps, population density maps and settlement maps. This information is generated with evidence-based analytics and knowledge using new spatial data mining technologies.


List entries are identified by region (in the case of genetic evidence spatial resolution is limited) or region, country or island, with the date of the first known or hypothesised modern human presence (or "settlement", although Paleolithic humans were not sedentary).


Humans have been present in the Wadden Sea area since the end of the last ice age, but their perception of and interference with their marine environment has changed over time. In this paper, I will give an overview on the interactions between man and nature since the 6th millennium B.C. , on the opportunities for human settlement as well as on ...


HISTORY OF HUMAN SETTLEMENTS A REPORT (September, 2005) Prologue Settlement is one of the prime needs of any society. Their settlement typology is determined by their spiritual aspirations and of material requirements.


History of human settlements and urban design from the early ages to the end of the 19th century. by Golany, Gideon. Publication date 1969. Topics Cities and towns, Regional planning, Villes. Publisher [Monticello, Il., Council of Planning Librarians] Collection americana.


Different types of human settlements include hamlets, villages, small towns, large towns, isolated places, cities and conurbations. In some systems, types of human settlements are broken up into urban, suburban and rural; for example, the U.S. Census Bureau divides settlements into urban or rural categories based on precise definitions.


The development of a given society is a complex process and it can best be understood by examining the history of and theories behind the development of a given settlement. This course offers students an opportunity to examine these historical and theoretical aspects within the local context.


Describes the role of population density, land use, trade, and defense in human settlement.


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Students must understand the processes underlying the patterns of human settlement over space and time. Understanding these themes enables students to see settlements as a record of human history and as the fulcrum of many of the human processes that are changing Earth’s surface. A settlement is a collection of shelter where people live.