Cultural narratives are stories that help a community structure and assign meaning to its history and existence. Cultural narratives include creation stories, which tell a story about the community's origins, and fables,... More »

The two types of literature are written and oral. Written literature includes novels and poetry. It also has subsections of prose, fiction, myths, novels and short stories. Oral literature includes folklore, ballads, myt... More »

The first wind vane recorded in history was created by the Greek astronomer Andronicus in 48 B.C. The weather vane was created to honor Triton and had a shape that depicted a half-man, half-fish figure. Andronicus' weath... More »

The elements of nonfiction are point of view, character development, narrative and dramatization. Authors of nonfiction works often use the same basic elements as fiction authors to tell a compelling story. More »

A biographical narrative is a story that relates the key events and facts about a person's life from a first-person perspective. The writer of a biographical narrative describes the events in a chronological or logical s... More »

Memoirs, biographies and autobiographies are all examples of real-life stories. A memoir is defined as a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge or special sources. An autobiography is an account ... More » Art & Literature Literature Non-fiction

"My Little Red Book" is a collection of stories about first periods as told by women of all ages from all over the world. Since its release, "My Little Red Book" has become a New York Times bestseller. More » Art & Literature Literature Non-fiction