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Caste system which was created originally for systemic spiritual and social growth of people has now become a curse to the Hindu society because of its misinterpretation, ignorance, and disadvantages taken by some sections of society. Some people blame the current form of the caste system to Hinduism, which is absolutely wrong.


Caste System and Hinduism. Because Hinduism and the caste system are both predominately found in India there is a common misconception that caste system is part of Hinduism. This is not necessarily the case. The caste system is related to Indian culture and not directly linked to the teachings and practices of Hinduism.


The caste system in India is the paradigmatic ethnographic example of caste. It has origins in ancient India, and was transformed by various ruling elites in medieval, early-modern, and modern India, especially the Mughal Empire and the British Raj. It is today the basis of educational and job reservations in India.


FACT ONE! The Caste System prohibited marriges outside of ones caste to prevent mixture of the castes. FACT TWO! The four MAIN castes are: Brahmins--Priests and Teachers Kshatriya's--Rulers and Soldiers Vaishya's-- Merchants and Traders Shudra's--Laborers and Servants A caste is


Seven Facts About The Caste System That You Must Know. June 2, 2015, cherran, Leave a comment. The caste system is a social arrangement associated mainly with India, which historically structured the society into thousands of hereditary groups or sub-castes known as jatis in most Indian languages.When the Portuguese sailors who arrived in India in the 16th-century witnessed this race-based ...


Indian caste system has been viewed by people as discriminatory where you are categorized as upper or lower caste depending on the family you are born. There is no doubt that the Indian caste system or more specifically caste system in Hinduism as has been used in past is quite biased and unjust for people especially for the lower caste category.


The origins of the caste system in India and Nepal are shrouded, but it seems to have originated more than two thousand years ago. Under this system, which is associated with Hinduism, people were categorized by their occupations.


The Indian Caste System Facts. The Indian Caste System Facts. a1facts September 7, 2016 A1facts, Interesting Facts No Comments. Rural social problem casteism is very peculiar to the Indian society. The Indian society consists of various religions. Each religion has been sub-divided into different castes and these castes are again segregated ...


The main castes were further divided into about 3,000 castes and 25,000 sub-castes, each based on their specific occupation. Outside of this Hindu caste system were the achhoots - the Dalits or ...


The Hindu caste system was created more than 3,000 years ago by invading Aryan tribes to prevent pollution of their race. The Dalits fall beneath this structure and are considered less than human. Their position in Asian society is justified by ancient Hindu religious texts such as The Laws of Manu.