A kids' scavenger hunt list is a list of specific items that need to be found during a children's scavenger hunt. The individual or team that finds all of the items on the list first is declared the winner. There is a va... More »

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Examples of scavenger hunt lists are available at Coolest-Parties' website, as are other party ideas that complement a scavenger hunt. Scavenger-Hunt-Guru's website also hosts dozens of scavenger hunt lists and numerous ... More »

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Scavenger hunt item examples include the comics page of a newspaper, a rubber band, a pine cone, a smooth rock and a coin. Other options are items that players take a picture of instead of collecting or experiential item... More »

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The items to include on a scavenger hunt for kids should relate to the interests of the children participating in the hunt or focus on a singular theme, such as pirates or a holiday. If the hunt is outdoors, use items fr... More »

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Some Christian scavenger hunt ideas include using specific Bible verses as clues to find items, using the verses to create a series of related clues that lead to a final item or creating original clues that allude to Bib... More »

Make an answer key for a scavenger hunt by creating a separate list that includes the answers to the questions presented to the hunt participants. An answer key is only necessary if the items list includes riddles. The k... More »

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An exciting scavenger hunt idea for adults is the Road Rally Scavenger Hunt. The game involves teams driving around in cars, looking for clues and completing tasks. The first team that reaches the finishing line wins. More »