It is possible to highlight hair that has already been dyed, but it's better to highlight using foils. Sometimes, at-home kits make hair appear brassy or not the color that was planned, so it's important to recognize the... More »

Highlighted hair which is then dyed will display different shades of color, but the process should not be affected otherwise. It is safe and easy to dye highlighted hair. More »

T-section hair highlights target lighter colors toward the crown of the head and cease with the highlight color about midway down the follicle. This allows for a more modest highlight pattern and a natural look to the co... More »

To highlight your hair using foil, cut foil pieces, mix the highlighting solution, apply the solution to your hair, fold your hair in the foils and leave the solution on your hair for the recommended length of time. Allo... More »

Growing out dyed hair to reveal one's natural color can be done to rid the hair of harsh dye chemicals. The process is also ideal for individuals who no longer want to hide gray hair. More »

Short-term exposure to chlorine may cause dryness for bleached or color-treated hair. Long-term and regular exposure to chlorine does cause bleached or color-treated hair to have adverse reactions. Chlorine does not caus... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

It is best to wait several weeks before dyeing hair again. Over-dyeing can cause permanent damage to the hair and scalp. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color