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Dying your hair dark, such as a dark brown or black, gives you a deep, rich color. If you change your mind, though, and want to go for a lighter look, you may be able to make the transition after several weeks and continuous shampooing. However, if you want to add highlights to your dark-dyed hair, ...


Exposing your hair to multiple chemical processes back-to-back can be damaging to its health. It is particularly straining to first darken your hair and then highlight segments of it through bleaching. If possible,you should never do more than one at-home process. If you dye your whole head with a ...


I've always had blonde highlights but about 8 months ago I got fed up and got my hair dyed back to my natural colour, medium brown. I've had it done a few times since with a semi permanent brown. Anyway, I have never felt like 'me' since and have yearned to go back blonde even though my hair has never been in better condition now!


How to Highlight Dyed Hair. Part of the series: Hair Dyeing and Bleaching. Before you can highlight dyed hair you must first remove the color with a pre-lightening application powder bleach ...


It is possible to highlight hair that has already been dyed, but it's better to highlight using foils. Sometimes, at-home kits make hair appear brassy or not the color that was planned, so it's important to recognize the risks involved before doing it personally.


hey ladies! i wanted to share with you a fast and easy way to highlight your hair at home in just a few simple steps. ejoy!!! xoxo subscribe for more videos:...


How to Apply Gloss to Highlighted Hair. Color Reviving Gloss is applied on dry hair. Focus on the hair that has been lightened the most and leave on for 20 minutes. Shampoo and dry hair. How to Choose Permanent Color If your natural hair color is a black to a light brown, we suggest choosing a color from our Knockout Shades. They are neutral ...


Highlighting your hair at home can be tricky, but it's not impossible. Here's how to highlight your own hair, with tips from professional hair colorists to get the the best results.


Want the scoop on how to highlight hair at home? Discover the best tips for successfully pulling off DIY highlights from celebrity colorist Kristin Ess.


Transition from Dyed Hair To Your Natural Grey. There are many reasons to stop dyeing, money, chemicals, organic lifestyle, chemo, pregnancy, just tired of being a slave to something for however many years you have been dyeing and just plain want to see what nature gave you.