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U.S. state temperature extremes. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The following table lists the highest and lowest temperatures recorded in each state in the United States during the past two centuries, in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. ... Record Highest/Lowest Temperatures by State ...


Most of the Plains states, which also can be an area with extreme heat and large temperature variations, have recorded temperatures over 120 degrees. A high temperature of 121 degrees was measured ...


The former highest official temperature on Earth (held for 90 years by ‘Aziziya, Libya) was reassessed in July 2012 by the WMO which published a report that invalidated the record. There have been other unconfirmed reports of high temperatures, with readings as high as 66.8 °C (152.2 °F) in the Flaming Mountains of China in 2008.


Source: National Climatic Data Center, Asheville, N.C., and Storm Phillips, STORMFAX, INC.


U.S. States by Hottest Recorded Temperature. Name the U.S. states that have the highest ever recorded temperatures. According to this source. Records considered dubious are not included. As of July 17, 2017 ... BTW Washington state is pretty darn hot in summers in Eastern Washington. Scorching!


Weather; Cite. Record Lowest Temperatures by State. If you think winter's been unusually harsh lately, check out these frigid temperatures! Below is a list of the lowest recorded temperatures in each state.


50 State Temperature Rankings. There are a lot columns and rows and numbers in this list. All categories, high, low, highest monthly average (HMA), and lowest monthly average (LMA) are listed by rank preceded by the state name.


134 Degrees! Hottest Temperature Ever in Every State weather.com. Ever wonder what the highest temperature in your state was? Danielle Banks has the numbers for all 50 states. More Videos;


Data Tools: Daily Weather Records. The daily records summarized here are compiled from a subset of stations in the Global Historical Climatological Network. A station is defined as the complete daily weather records at a particular location, having a unique identifier in the GHCN-Daily dataset.


The State Climate Extremes Committee (SCEC) was created in 2006 in response to the need for proper and comprehensive evaluation of meteorological observations which may have tied or exceeded existing statewide all-time record values.