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Here are the top leapers that have graced our TV screens and awed us over the years. Towards the end, we included some other notable NBA dunkers just to know he high they go up. Who Has The Highest Vertical Jump in NBA History? 1. Wilt Chamberlain – 48″ Wilt ‘the Stilt’ Chamberlain was one of the most dominant forces in NBA history.


It’s a league of guys who can all do some amazing things athletically, but who jumps the highest, by the numbers? Of course, guys like D.J. Stephens and Kenny Gregory lead the NBA combine list. Since not nearly all of the NBA players have participated in the combine, we’ll look at a broader range of […]


Who Has The Highest Vertical Jump in NBA History? 1. Wilt Chamberlain – 48″ The highest single game scorer in NBA history is also, probably, the highest leaper. Wilt ‘the Stilt’ Chamberlain was a 7’1” force of nature who also may have been the best athlete the game has seen. Being that big and that […]


There are lots of questions about who has the highest vertical in NBA history. While the question may never be fully answered because some of the great leapers like Dr. J and David Thompson were never really tested officially, we now have the technology and testing methods in place so that we pretty much know who can jump the highest among the best professional basketball players in the world.


Whenever there’s any discussion of the slam dunk and jumping is involved, the topic of who owns the highest vertical jump in NBA history often comes up. Because jump measurement wasn’t always available having the exact figures on who has the highest ever in history will always be a question.


The highest vertical leap ever recorded in NBA history is 48 inches achieved by NBA superstar Michael Jordan and Darrell Griffith. Other explosive leapers in NBA history include Julius Erving with a vertical leap of 41 inches, Vince Carter with 43 inches, three-time NBA slam dunk champion Nate Robinson with 43.5 inches, LeBron James with 44 inches and Anthony "Spud" Webb with 46 inches.


Below is a list of the top 20 ugliest jump shooters in NBA history who probably wished they had the services of a shooting doctor like Coach Chip when they were growing up. Once you get older, it is very hard to heavily alter your jump shot. In fact, altering a jump shot too much could actually make it worse than it currently is.


The highest score in NBA history was on December 13, 1983. The Pistons beat the Nuggets 186-184 ... In comparison to its size, the horse is not the highest jumper in the world. Proportionally, it ...