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Writing a captain job description and interviewing your best leaders can help you reach this goal. Below is an example of a captain job description to help you in creating a job description unique to your team needs and in-line with what you expect from your team leaders and captains. CAPTAIN JOB DESCRIPTION. Job Title: TEAM CAPTAIN


My son was just named team captain of his freshman team. He was noticably proud as he told me and I told him how proud I was of him, noting that it is a testiment to him and his attitude to the game and that he should feel honored that his coach recognized it. I fell short of giving him many examples of what his responsibilities are as a captain.


Now, we are ready to look at the different responsibilities of a team captain. Here the 10 attributes of a good Team Captain: 1. He’s a Team Leader Once the referees blow their whistle, get on the court. This is the time where the team captain steps up to be the leader of the team. He will try to reinforce the plays that their coach had ...


Top 10 Team Captain Responsibilities. ... Consultant Michael Voight of Central Connecticut State lists ten “must do’s” for team captains to be successful. 1) ... coaches from the high school to professional level have turned to Championship Performance to get the winning mental edge on athletic motivation.


You’re team captain. You get a star on your jacket and you can now put the title on that college application. However, there are rewards and responsibilities to being a captain that aren’t immediately apparent. “People look up to you,” said junior Ellen Sachs. As a captain on the volleyball team, Sachs is responsible for...


Responsibilities of the Team Captains: Generate Team Spirit . Organize team dinners before big meets; Lead team cheering at meets; Help team to provide end-of-the-year fun, positive awards to all team mates; Add locker notes on meet days and/or birthdays; Lead the team cheer before every meet along with other pep talks


The Team Captain’s Leadership Manual, Jeff Janssen. Captains – 7 Ways to Lead Your Team , Bruce Brown What it Means to be a Cheerleading Captain . The Responsibilities and Duties of a Cheerleading Captain and CO-Captain . The positions of Cheerleading captain and CO-captain are often the most coveted on a squad.


Whether it is an individualized or a team sport, all sports can benefit from having a student leader, and so high school sports teams usually have a student captain. Many high school sports teams have a captain in addition to a professional coach because student athletes might have a better rapport with their teammates than an adult coach.


It used to be that the primary function of a team captain was to meet with the officials at half court before the game and shake hands with the opposing team's captain. Now that there is a much bigger emphasis on peer leadership and team bonding, the role of captain has become much more important.