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Kairos (from Greek καιρός,") is a Roman Catholic retreat program for high school and college.Kairos is part of the larger three-day movement in America, ultimately derived from the Cursillo movement founded in Spain in 1944. As such, the retreat is a four-day, three-night (or three-day, two-night in some cases) residential retreat, with the aim of providing participants the chance to ...

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My letter began with something like, "January 9, 1996, was the day when my life changed forever," and I instantly began tearing up. I was so caught up in listening that I almost missed the last line that read, "Love, your father". ... I may not have been the biggest fan of high school, but Kairos made it all worthwhile. The experience taught me ...


My son's school asked me to write him a letter for his Kairos weekend last year. My son told me that the words written in the letter came at exactly the right time and helped him immensely as he dealt with all of the emotional uncertainty involved with graduating college. My father passed away when I was a senior in college.


The author, Jerry Tujague, is the Director of Technology at a Catholic high school in Kansas City, and he is the father of seven (7) children - 5 sons, 2 daughters. Jerry wrote this letter to his sons and was asked to read it to all the junior boys on the school’s junior class retreat.


Today you begin to step away from us. As your dad and I fade into the background of your life I want to tell you it has been a privilege to have you as our son. Here are a few things I want you to remember.


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When I was a senior in high school, I was sent on a Kairos retreat. In hindsight, it’s an odd graduation requirement to ask 270 young men to open up and cry in front of each other. One priest — young, bearded — talked to us about manhood. I don’t remember much of what he said, save for this: “Don’t be a pussy! Be a man!”


This is one of the greatest letters I have read. It touches me to the core, because my son is also at this point in his life – transition from high school to college, from being a carefree teen to an adult of a thousand and one responsibility. Thank you for sharing this letter to mothers like me. God bless your beautiful heart, beautiful MOM!


I haven't done Kairos. The Awakening is based on the Cursillo retreat movement/experience. @Lisa omg that is crazy! I bet you will! It's so cool to read other peoples retreat letter experiences! Retreats hold a special place in my heart. I have so many wonderful memories of retreats from high school and college it's hard to explain to others ...