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The most common use for high school codes is for standardized testing purposes. For a standardized test, such as the ACT and SAT, high school codes help to identify the secondary institution a student is attending or has attended.


You can find college and university codes by entering the school name or state at the Free Application for Federal Student Aid website. The Information for Financial Aid Professionals website also contains code listings in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel formats.


Aside from the most obvious difference that college is optional (and paid for) whereas high school is not one of the key differences lies in the way that time at college is self-managed. Unlike in high school, college students are expected to actively structure their ow...


College offers both more freedom and more responsibility than high school, making it better for some students and worse for others. College courses are typically more engaging but simultaneously more difficult, while socialization is more mature and stimulating than in ...


Questions on college applications include biographical information such as name, address and date of birth as well as questions about previous educational experiences. Most college applications also require an essay that may prompt the applicant to reflect on career and...


The steps required to fill out a student application for high school vary depending on the specific schools chosen by the student. If applying to selected high schools, students will typically need to complete an online application and request various materials from the...


College application deadlines vary among schools, and there is no one common deadline among U.S. colleges. Most college application deadlines fall between January and March. However, some schools do not have deadlines.