A high red blood cell count, or polycythemia, may lead to easy bruising or bleeding, the formation of blood clots, pain in joints or bones, dizziness, fatigue and abdominal pain, states eMedicineHealth. In cases where an... More »

Genetic mutations, both inherited and acquired, are one primary cause of high red blood cell counts, also known as polycythemia, says MedicineNet. Sleep apnea and tumors are secondary causes of polycythemia. More »

A high red blood cell count may result from cigarette smoking, congenital heart disease, right-sided heart failure, dehydration or a kidney tumor, notes MedlinePlus. Low levels of oxygen in the blood, pulmonary fibrosis ... More »

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The primary symptoms of leukemia include frequent infections, anomalous bruising, pain in the bones and joints, abdominal pain, excessive bleeding, and a general sense of fatigue. Because so many other conditions share t... More »

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Individuals suffering from polycythemia can exhibit general symptoms, such as headache, weakness, fatigue, joint pain, bruising, itching and abdominal pain, according to MedicineNet. Symptoms can be minimal to non-existe... More »

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A low red blood cell count, most often referred to as anemia, can cause weakness, fatigue, dizziness, fainting, lack of energy, pale skin, rapid heart rate or palpitations and shortness of breath. Chronic anemia in child... More »

Typical symptoms of a high red blood cell count include fatigue and weakness, joint pain, itching and headaches, according to MedicineNet. In cases where this condition is accompanied by risk factors such as cancer of th... More »