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While many teenagers can hear sounds in the 16 kilohertz range or higher, most adults past the age of 25 cannot. For this reason, 17-kilohertz ring tones are popular among high school students who want to receive messages on their cell phones during classes where cell phones are forbidden.


The official release date for "Pitch Perfect 2" was May 15, 2015. The Blu-ray/DVD release of "Pitch Perfect 2" is scheduled for Sept. 22, 2015.


The pitch of a sound is the ear and brain interpreting the frequency of the sound. When there is a high frequency, the ear interprets the sound as a higher pitch, and when the frequency is low, the ear hears a low pitch. Pitch has been standardized and uses "cents" as a unit of measurement.


Set 3 years after the Barden Bellas claimed the national title and became the first entirely female group to ever win a national a cappella competition, "Pitch Perfect 2" follows the lives of the group after the president's botched performance leads to a scandal that strips them of their performing


Noise is unwanted or unpleasant sound. The classification of sound as noise is subjective; what may count as sound to one person or culture may count as noise to another person or culture. Sound may be classified as noise based on its magnitude, characteristics, duration and time of occurrence.


Pitch refers to the frequency of a sound, while loudness refers to the size or amplitude of the sound. Every sound has both a specific pitch and loudness.


Pitch is determined by the frequency of a wave, and frequency is the combination of wavelength and speed at which the wave is traveling. Sound has a constant speed of 343 meters per second, so wavelength dictates pitch. The longer a sound's wavelength, the lower the pitch of that sound.


The most likely cause of stomach noises when a dog will not eat is gastrointestinal upset. The dog may have picked up a mild stomach virus or bacteria, or it has eaten something that did not agree with it.


Pitch, in physics, is equivalent to the frequency of sound waves, which are any compression waves in a medium. The word "pitch" is used specifically in situations where humans are perceiving the frequency of sound and changes in that frequency. Differences and changes in perceived pitch aren't alway


Internal noise consists of distractions inside the brain, such as thoughts, that interrupt the communication process. Internal noise occurs while a person is trying to speak. It can cause the person to lose sight of what he wants to say or is trying to communicate.