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Iron workers can find high-paying jobs overseas in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Singapore and Algeria. Many of these jobs require two or more years experience in the oil and gas industry.


Some fun, high-paying jobs include becoming an astronaut, winemaker, chocolatier and magician. All of these jobs pay over $75,000 a year, as of 2014, and these positions offer job satisfaction.


Some jobs that pay well for a 14-year-old are working as a lifeguard, babysitting, pet sitting, performing yard work and tutoring. Generally, jobs that require more specialized skills pay more than those that call for basic abilities. Teens should evaluate their strengths to see where they can earn


The most common jobs that pay weekly are in trade fields or are independently contracted positions, such as electricians, plumbers and auto mechanics. Weekly pay allows employers to pay for the exact time worked with jobs that can vary greatly in pay from week to week. Weekly pay is an attractive op


Some good jobs that pay $20 an hour are gaming supervisor, health educator, subway and streetcar operator, respiratory therapist, cartographer and photogrammetrist, multimedia artist and animator, arbitrator, mediator, reconciler, urban and regional planner and loan officer. Curator jobs also pay ar


The range of jobs available to 10-year-olds is quite limited, but includes yard work, running a lemonade stand, walking dogs, pet or house sitting, delivering newspapers and washing cars. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) says that 14 is the minimum age at which children can work a non-agricultura


As of 2014, 12-year-olds can earn money with jobs such as babysitting, dog walking and pet sitting. Other jobs that kids can do to earn money include mowing lawns, doing yard work and getting a paper route.


Some jobs that pay partially or completely under the table include bartender, waiter or waitress, valet and stripper. Other jobs that pay under the table are day laborer, handyman, housekeeper, gardener or landscaper and painter. In addition, musicians, babysitters, movers and tutors are often paid


For general construction workers, the average hourly pay as of 2011 was $16.43, with an average annual income of around $34,170. The highest paid general laborers are those in Hawaii, where the pay averages around $51,320 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).


The top ten paying jobs in California by average salary are nurse anesthetists, judges (including magistrate judges and magistrates), general pediatricians, architectural and engineering managers, computer and information systems managers, astronomers, marketing managers, natural sciences managers,