Dec 14, 2019 ... We have listed here jobs for people without a GED or High School Diploma ... Doers are generally very good at assignments that are physical, ...


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Some do require that you have a high school diploma. ... you'll have to be a hard worker; You'll have to be able to do a good job without supervision ... To be promoted into supervisory positions, you will need a high school diploma or GED.


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Let's look at some of the best jobs for high school dropouts with the most potential . ... Without a diploma or GED, you can still enroll in a training program to build ... The pay: Median salary of $40,260 per year, or $19.36 per hour, per the U.S. ...


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Read about 50 excellent opportunities you can get with your GED, TASC or HiSet ... The good news about this type of job, is that it's more of a doers profession.


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