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The normal MCV value is 80 to 95fl for both sexes. MCV that is 100 to 105fl/cell or more can be the result of chronic alcoholism when not showing a deficiency in folate. Other conditions that can cause macrocytosis are aplastic anemia, a condition caused from the lack of red blood production, and spleenectomy, the removal of the spleen.


Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) is a test that shows the average volume of an individual's red blood cells. A normal MCV level falls between 80 and 96 femtoliters. A high MCV level is considered a number of 100 femtoliters or more. If an individual also has a low blood cell count, doctors can make the diagnosis of macrocytic anemia.


The most common cause of high MCV results is Macrocytic Anemia, also called Macrocytosis. This means that your blood cells are too large. If your results are high your doctor will likely want to run further tests. But note that elevated levels are often a benign or very low risk. What Does a Low MCV Test Result Mean?


While my serum levels were high, the RBC levels came out low. ... tests results indicate elevated MCVs.....I rarely drink and further testing (pernicious anemia) are negative. ... may suggest whether or not this condition is the cause of higher mvc levels.I also have hemochromotosis and a MCV of 103 and my ferretin level is 13 and my specialist ...


An abnormal MCV Blood Test, don't let your doctor tell you it's not important! A low mcv and high mcv indicate macrocytosis, microcytosis, microcytic anemia. Mean Corpuscular Volume can tell you a lot about your Vitamin B12 Levels


When coupled with lower than normal hemoglobin levels, this becomes macrocytic anemia. You can have macrocytosis without macrocytic anemia, though. Often, elevated MCV without anemia occurs along with high MCH (Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin) and high MCHC (Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration)—these mean that, while the overall hemoglobin ...


MCH levels in blood tests: What do they mean? Medically reviewed by Carissa Stephens, R.N., CCRN, CPN on July 1, ... Because a lack of vitamins can also show high MCH levels, doctors may request ...


In many cases, there are effective natural remedies that can help to address the underlying health issues that are causing a change in your RBC mean corpuscular volume. Increase iron levels. If your blood test shows low MCV levels because of an iron deficiency, then you should make sure and increase your dietary iron intake.


Just tested for high MVC I am an average healthy 27 yr old, I run and surf weekly and live a balanced life, I went in for a check up and blood tests came back with High MVC, the first question the doctor asked me was if I drink.


What Does a High MCV Count Indicate? - Ahigh mcv count means you have enlarged red blood cells, what is your mcv? the term is called macrocytosis, it can be caused for liver or thyroid disease, vitamin defiences certain medications and believe it or not alcohol, even 2 drinks a day can raise your mcv, its the toxicity