Normal lipase levels for individuals under 60 are between 10 and 140 units per liter, while normal values for individuals over 60 are between 18 and 180 units per liter, according to WebMD. These lipase levels are flexib... More »

Elevated lipase levels may be caused by a pancreas condition, gallbladder problems, peptic ulcer disease, cirrhosis of the liver or other conditions, according to WebMD. A doctor evaluates lipase test results allowing fo... More »

The function of the lipase enzyme is to break down the fats in the food an individual consumes, according to Healthline. It also enables cell nutrients and waste to move through the walls of the body’s cells. More » Science Biology Cells

There is some variance concerning the range for normal lactic acid dehydrogenase, or LDH, levels, with Mayo Clinic putting it between 122 and 222 units per liter, and it being between 140 and 280 units per liter, accordi... More »

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The normal range of serum lactose acid dehydrogenase or LDH is 140 to 280 units per liter, according to WebMD. However, the range may not be constant in all laboratories. More »