The boiling point of soybean oil, the most common cooking oil typically marketed as vegetable oil, is approximately 300 degrees Celsius. Other cooking oils have similar boiling points. More »

The boiling point of motor oil is very high, about 572 degrees Fahrenheit. This property is due to its molecular structure. More »

Oils used in food preparation have a range of boiling points, from about 375 F to about 510 F. The boiling point of oil depends upon the specific type of oil that is being heated as well as its specific purity. Crude oil... More »

The boiling point for pure water is 212 degrees Fahrenheit and the melting point is 32 degrees. Pressure and the purity of the water can have an impact on the melting and boiling point. More »

A boiling point chart establishes the precise temperature needed to boil materials for cooking. For example, the boiling point chart for water accounts for altitude's impact on the ability to boil water, as a higher temp... More » Food Cooking

To cook a turkey breast on a gas grill, choose a cut that fits into the grill with at least an inch of space left between the breast and the lid, brush the unheated grill rack and the turkey with non-stick vegetable cook... More »

Adding salt to water increases the boiling point of water due to a fundamental colligative property of matter known as boiling point elevation. Whenever a solute, such as salt, is added to a solvent, such as water, the b... More »