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High blood pressure can run in a family, and your risk for high blood pressure can increase based on your age and your race or ethnicity. Genetics and Family History. When members of a family pass traits from one generation to another through genes, that process is called heredity.


The influence of these variants on systolic and diastolic blood pressure turned out to be more complex than expected. Taken together, these findings suggest new genetic pathways underlying blood pressure regulation. They will also likely open new doors to research into treating high blood pressure.


Using genetic data, researchers have finally answered the question: is high blood pressure genetic? High blood pressure affects millions of people across the world and can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. Although aspects of diet, health, and heredity have long been linked to high blood ...


The fact is that genetic factors play a large role in your susceptibility to developing high blood pressure later in life. So if you have high blood pressure the genetic link may well be a factor. Take for instance my own case. Both my parents were dogged by high blood pressure despite living a relatively healthy lifestyle.


May 11, 2009 - A group of genes may raise the risks associated with high blood pressure, such as heart attack and stroke.. Researchers found that 10 genetic variants individually explained about 1 ...


Like many chronic health conditions, high blood pressure can -- in many cases -- be prevented. Doctors don't always know the exact cause of your. ... Genetics is a complex science. Researchers are ...


Researchers have discovered 107 genetic regions associated with high blood pressure, which they say could lead to new treatments for the condition.


With aging comes a universal increase in systolic blood pressure (the top number) and in the risk for heart disease. On the other hand, tackling modifiable risk factors for high blood pressure, for example, losing weight and getting more exercise, often produces great benefits. Your odds of developing high blood pressure are pretty good


Background:High blood pressure (BP) is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), the leading cause of mortality worldwide. Both heritable and lifestyle risk factors contribute to elev...


Medication can play a huge role in reducing high blood pressure, a leading cause of stroke, heart attack and other serious health problems. ... Citation: Genetics may help predict the right blood ...