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The First Alert safe works on the principle of a programmable passcode to ensure safety. It uses a digital lock initially programmed with a factory code. In addition, the safe has a built-in solenoid deactivation safety device to open the safe and prevent it from locking prior to the completion of t


An Internet call alert is a piece of software that informs Internet users if they are receiving a call on a dial-up connection. AOL Call Alert is a piece of software that still exists, while PhoneTray Dialup is no longer available.


Medical alert systems work by sending a radio signal to a care center when an emergency button worn by an elderly person is pressed. An operator immediately contacts the person via a base unit located in the person's home and decides whether or not to dispatch help.


According to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, a Silver Alert is an emergency notification program to help find missing people who are elderly or cognitively impaired. Several other states, such as Florida, New Jersey and Louisiana, have their own Silver Alert programs, explains Alzhei


Equifax and Experian, two of the three major credit bureaus, offer credit alert services, according to their websites. These credit bureaus send an alert to participating customers whenever an inquiry is made on their credit.


A hurricane alert is a public statement by meteorologists that provides information about a hurricane that is expected to occur in the near future. Hurricane alerts include both watches and warnings.


Remove fraud alerts from your Equifax credit report by going to the bottom of your automatic fraud alerts window and clicking the button, according to Equifax. When the 90-day term ends, the alerts expire. The screen displays the actual expiration date. To remove alerts before their expiration dates


A Silver Alert in Florida is a system of raising awareness of cognitively impaired missing persons, particularly with the use of dynamic roadside message signs. Such persons may have Alzheimer's disease or dementia, and may have gone missing either in a vehicle or on foot. They are typically rep


Signs of drug use, abuse and dependence include a decreased sex drive, not caring about clothes or hygiene, and shifts in sleeping or eating habits, according to WebMD. Changes in behavior are more common than physical symptoms when a person is using drugs.


The MedicAlert Foundation sells medical ID bracelets that differ by material, such as gold, stainless steel, titanium or sterling silver, and style, such as silicone, beaded jewelry, paracord or stretch bands, through its website, MedicAlert.org. The foundation offers these bracelets in different co