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Yale University, Columbia University and Rhode Island School of Design all consistently rank in the top 10 programs for a Masters in Fine Arts, reports U.S. News & World Report. Although often expensive, these programs offer many benefits and are well-respected among curators, critics, collectors an


Websites such as Classmates.com and Findaschoolmate.com are common ways to find old class lists and classmates, and social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn are other popular ways to search for old classmates and friends. All of these tools require the user to create an account and log in.


As of 2014, the youngest person to graduate from high school is Michael Kearney. He graduated from high school at the age of six. He graduated from college at the age of ten and holds the record of youngest college graduate as well.


Slogans for graduating classes include "Born To Be The Best," "Freshmen Fear Us. Sophomores Bow Down To Us. Juniors Want To Be Us" and "If At First You Don't Succeed, You're Not Us." These slogans focus on the superiority of the graduating class, while others express a sense of relief at having made


A graduate school is a school that offers specialized training in a specific academic or professional discipline. Students in graduate schools earn a degree higher than a bachelor's degree.


Out of the thousands offered annually, every college scholarship has its own application procedure and those seeking graduate scholarship opportunities must find them, read the instructions carefully, then fill out the forms completely before submitting them, reports Federal Student Aid. Sometimes,


It is very common for high schools to offer night classes, although availability depends on the school district. The school district's website usually lists information about evening high school class availability, requirements and locations.


Georgia High School Graduation Practice Tests generally followed the format of the actual GHSGT. The GHSGT was really a sequence of five different exams, covering writing, English, science, social studies and math. The test was discontinued on March 30, 2015, when Governor Nathan Deal signed a law a


Write a personal statement for a graduate school application by verifying what admission officers are seeking, emphasizing individuality regarding personal questions, focusing anecdotes on college-related experiences and networking within relevant fields well before applying. Overall, use the statem


Some schools offering free online courses include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University and Tufts University. These prestigious colleges all offer free online course materials to anyone with Internet access.