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A dog whistle can be described as a high-pitched whistle that typically has a sound that is audible to humans. The best dog whistle is expected to produce not just a high-pitched sound recognizable by the dog, it must be incorporated into different routines such as hunting, and exercises, in order to achieve the best result.


Peroptimist Dog Whistle, Adjustable Pitch Dog Training Whistle High Pitch Training Assistant for Avoiding Bad Behavior, Stopping Barking, Fetching, Sitting Average Rating: ( 1.0 ) stars out of 5 stars 1 ratings , based on 1 reviews


HEHUI dog whistle is designed to produce various frequencies, adjustable pitch, simply tighten or loosen the screw to work out your dog’s frequency. This Silent Dog Whistle produces a variety of high-pitched notes that only your dog can hear.


In my world, a dog whistle is an actual high-pitched whistle, inaudible to the human ear, used to train and signal dogs. Come to think of it, since humans can’t hear it and it’s used for ...


The DogIt Silent Dog Whistle by Hagen is a high pitch training whistle with ultrasounds. It's more effective than your voice! Your dog will hear the high-pitched whistle from a farther distance and you don't have to strain your vocal chords by shouting.


1. Whistles Are Loud and High-Pitched. Both audible and ultrasonic whistles are loud, so they are easier for your dog to hear if she is far away. The sound of a whistle — even audible versions — is also high-pitched, which can make it easier for your dog to hear. This includes those times when you’re competing with excessive background ...


Dog training whistles are one of the most popular and preferred aids in the dog training industry. Here are some advantages of using a dog whistle: Consistent Sound. Dog whistles give off a consistent high-pitched sound, which may or may not be audible to humans depending on the whistle.


Dog whistles aren't necessarily harmful, but if used improperly, they can be a big problem for your dog. While you can't hear the high-pitched squeal of the whistle, your dog has much more sensitive and powerful hearing. This means that sounds that don't bother you can be annoying or even painful for your ...


Best Ultrasonic Dog Repeller – Buyer’s Guide. Most ultrasonic animal repellents work in a similar way. They have a motion sensor that triggers the ultrasonic noise whenever an animal walks by. This noise is usually too high pitched for humans to hear, but animals can hear and feel the tone.


A sound's pitch is measured in hertz -- 1,000 hertz is equal to a kilohertz. The lower the number, the lower the pitch. Humans can detect sounds up to around 23 kHz, but dogs can hear them up to around 45 kHz. This means that when you blow into your high-pitched dog whistle, he can hear it, but your ears just aren't built to do the same.