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The Acme 535 silent dog whistle is a durable dog whistle that attaches to a lanyard and can be heard up to 400 yards away. The SportDog SAC00-1175 Roy Gonia Clear Competition dog whistle is a dog training whistle that is easy to blow and has a lower-pitched sound that is a perfect frequency for working with a pup from a farther distance.


Dog whistles are useful for two main reasons: They are distinctive and they are loud. ... The whistle, with its distinct, high-pitched tone, will get your dog’s attention. It will make him stop barking, even just for a few seconds, because it removes his attention from the stimulus causing him to bark. That is the crucial window of opportunity.


This is a super super high pitch ear splitting dog whistle sound that will surely drive your neighbors dog nuts. It's near 10 minutes of straight high pitche...


HEHUI dog whistle is designed to produce various frequencies, adjustable pitch, simply tighten or loosen the screw to work out your dog’s frequency. This Silent Dog Whistle produces a variety of high-pitched notes that only your dog can hear.


SportDOG Roy Gonia Special Orange Whistle. This lower-pitched audible dog whistle is considered to be one of the best dog whistles for training larger dog breeds.. This is also considered to be one of the best dog whistles because it is nice and loud, easy to blow and the sound travels far, which is great for distance training (hunting, agility, racing, et al).


In this sense, the high-pitched noises that a dog makes to communicate are most similar to barking and howling. Most people describe the sound as a type of high-pitched crying or whining, and in some cases, people refer to the sound as keening. The intended message can have a variety of different meanings depending on the tone, attitude of the ...


Silent dog whistles work exactly like any other whistle, except you can't hear them, but a dog can hear them just fine. These whistles have a frequency that is too high for our ears to pick up.


Description: Dog Whistle Sound Online – high pitch frequency 20 kHz .For dog’s ears ONLY.. The range of human hearing is up to 20 kHz, while dog’s hearing range goes up to 45 kHz.. So, your dog hears frequencies that human ear cannot. You can try to listen online, but if you are human you have no chance, except possible headache 🙂


If we extended the keyboard to match a dog's hearing, we would have to add 52 keys — and the last 24 of these would produce sounds that were so high-pitched that humans cannot hear them.


A sound's pitch is measured in hertz -- 1,000 hertz is equal to a kilohertz. The lower the number, the lower the pitch. Humans can detect sounds up to around 23 kHz, but dogs can hear them up to around 45 kHz. This means that when you blow into your high-pitched dog whistle, he can hear it, but your ears just aren't built to do the same.