A hidden body camera may be legal unless it is being used in an area where there is an expectation of privacy, such as a locker room, and doesn't record conversations, according to A1-HiddenCamera.com and Rcfp.org. Body ... More »

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Both Amazon.com and Home Depot sells hidden security cameras, as of 2015. These cameras come in a variety of styles including cameras that are hidden in devices such as pens or MP3 players. Other hidden cameras sit on sh... More »

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Some top-rated hidden security cameras include SVAT Covert Alarm Clock DVR, SleuthGear Xtreme Life Wall Clock and SleuthGear Zone Shield Night Vision Oscillating Fan DVR, according to a review by TopTenReviews.com. These... More »

A Supreme Court ruling in 1998, California v. Greenwood, found that people have no expectation to privacy for trash they leave on the curb. Picking through publicly available trash is legal. However, many dumpsters are l... More »

Cellphone tapping of third-party conversations without their consent is illegal, states the Houston Chronicle. When one or both parties on a conversation consent to the recording, it becomes legal. Monitoring of phone co... More »

With regards to privacy laws, it is not legal to look for people online at a fee or free, according to Nolo. Every individual is entitled to his own privacy and once those rights are infringed upon, the situation becomes... More »

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As of 2014, polygamy, the act of having multiple spouses at a time, is not legal anywhere in the United States. According to the New York Times, the Supreme Court approved of each state's right to restrict polygamy as a ... More »

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