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Hickory and pecan are related and both native species to the United States. They do have many similarities, but pecan trees are grown for its nuts and hickory is grown primarily for its wood. Willis Orchard Company has a variety of Hickory trees for sale in any size or quantity you may require.


Hickory Oak Tree. The Hickory Tree, which is part of the Carya genus, has from 17-19 different species, which are native to parts of North America and Asia. The name Carya derives from the Greek word nut, and the tree shares the same family as walnuts and pecan trees. The hickory grows very large with branches that can grow up to 25 feet.


Hickory Trees For Sale. Shagbark hickory trees produce large, edible nuts that are sweet with a hickory scent. Excellent shade tree with gold leaves in autumn & known for its distinctive gray-brown shaggy bark. Scientifically know as Carya Ovata.


Most of the mid-Atlantic region of the eastern US is called oak-hickory forest because oaks and hickories constitute over half of the climax forest trees in our area. Even when the chestnut was a dominant forest tree, areas with alkaline limestone-based soils were home to hickory forests.


The shellbark hickory played a role in forging our nation. Its tough, shock-resistant wood was used to make gunstocks, ramrods and tool handles. This hickory tree also provided food on the frontier and dozens of useful products and medicines.


The Shagbark Hickory Tree features a distinctive, shag covered bark, which is easily discernible on the taller, straight trees, and such is where it gets its name from. It grows well in both wet and dry locations, however it thrives when planted in well-drained soils, and is normally amount oak trees.


The Shagbark Hickory tree is very common in the wild especially in the Eastern forests of the United States and southeast Canada. Notes: Red squirrels, Gray squirrels, Raccoons, Chipmunks, and mice are consumers of hickory nuts. Other consumers include black bears, gray and red foxes, rabbits, and bird species such as mallards, wood ducks ...


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The nuts of the Shellbark Hickory Tree are sweet, fragrant and large when compared to other hickory nuts. The wood if the Shellbark Hickory Tree is made into charcoal and to smoke meat on grills. The seedlings of Shellbark Hickory Trees have been used as rootstock in grafting pecan cultivars of selected hickory trees.


The Shagbark Hickory Tree grows very large (75-100 ft. tall) with a deep taproot that forces the tree to grow quickly with a tall trunk and a narrow, but irregular, crown and rough, shaggy, light gray bark. The bright gold leaf color of the Shagbark Hickory Tree begins to develop after the first frost.