Heterogeneous mixture is a term used in chemistry to describe a mixture of substances that are not uniformly distributed. In a heterogeneous mixture, the various components can be easily picked out from one another. More »

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Heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures are identified by the level at which the mixtures blend together. Visible indications of different components within a mixture denote a heterogeneous mixture, while a uniform, singl... More »

Orange juice with pulp is considered a heterogeneous mixture, while pulp-free orange juice is considered a homogeneous mixture. The presence of pulp determines what type of mixture the orange juice is. More »

By definition, the term solution in chemistry refers to a homogeneous mixture. The mixture can include two or more different substances. Solutions can also exist in liquid, solid or gaseous states. More »

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In chemistry, a suspension is a heterogeneous mixture in which one substance is dispersed throughout a substance in another phase, and in which the particles of the first substance are between 0.00002 and 0.00004 of an i... More »

A solution, as used in chemistry, is defined as a homogeneous mixture of one or more solutes dissolved in a solvent. Both solutes and solvents can exist as a solid, liquid or gas. More »

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Colligative properties are properties in chemistry that can only be applied to solutions. These properties depend on the ratio of the solute to the solvent in the solution and get numerically larger or smaller if the rat... More »