Hermes was the Greek god of trade, sports, travelers, thieves and the patron of poetry, and as a result there are many interesting facts about him, including that he was a notorious trickster and one of a select few gods... More »

Some fun facts about Perseus are that he was the son of a god and a mortal, he killed the gorgon Medusa and rescued the woman who would become his wife from a sea monster. Perseus had an adventure-filled life and his chi... More »

The ancient Greek goddess Nike is most often identified as the goddess of victory. Later called Victoria by the Romans, the goddess Nike closely mirrors many attitudes held by the Greeks towards form, beauty, competition... More »

The Greek god Hermes had the power to enter dreams, guide the souls of the dead to the underworld, and give luck and wealth. He also was the messenger of the gods of Olympus and had winged feet to help in this capacity. More »

The Greek god Hermes lived on Mount Olympus. He is known as the messenger god and acts as a link between the gods and mortals. His Roman counterpart is Mercury. More »

Zeus is a Greek god and is said to be the father of gods and men. He is the king on Mount Olympus, which is home to the Greek gods. He procreated with many human women and goddesses but is married to his sister, Hera. More »

The Greek god Zeus feared nothing because he was the king of the Olympic pantheon and ruled over gods, men and monsters. Before his rise to supreme power, his mother protected him from his father. When Zeus grew strong e... More »