Heritage fashion is a fashion trend that started in mid-2000. Popular in both men’s and women’s fashion, the heritage trend is a mixture of vintage or “heritage” fashion and contemporary style. Heritage clothing is chara... More »

American-crafted specialty textiles and home decor products are available at Heritage Lace. The company also sells kitchenware, window dressings, bathroom decor, clothing and accessories. Ninety percent of Heritage Lace ... More »

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To make your own clothing line, start by coming up with a great design idea, ideally something that is unique or currently lacking in market. Next, make a prototype to show buyers and investors, then find funding and a f... More »

According to the official Rue La La Boutique website, the company offers a selection of clothing, shoes, jewelry, fashion accessories, home goods, travel accessories and cosmetic goods. This selection provides options fo... More »

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Some Nigerian fashion styles including clothing made from Ankara cloth, the aso-ebi traditional style for weddings and the gele, a type of head tie. Ankara cloth is often combined with lace, chiffon or other materials to... More »

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The phrase "high fashion" refers to the most luxurious, elegant and expensive clothing and accessories from top fashion designers. This American term comes from a common French expression, "haute couture," which has the ... More »

A fashion tip for a woman over 60 is to have a wardrobe containing basic clothing articles that are attractive and comfortable, such as long-sleeved blazers and dark denim jeans. Another fashion tip is to wear outfits fe... More »

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