A herd of whales is called a "pod." A pod can consist of three to 30 whales that have bonded together because of biological reasons or because of friendships. More »

A male whale is called a bull. A female whale is known as a cow, and a baby whale is called a calf. In some species, cows are larger than bulls. A group of whales is called a pod, herd, school, grind or gam. More »

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A group of whales is usually called a pod, but other terms for a group of whales include a gam, a herd or a school. A pod usually includes whales that are either related to each other or whales that have formed friendshi... More »

A group of walruses is known as a herd. Walruses are highly social mammals, and they are often found in large herds. These mammals spend much of their life in aquatic environments. More »

As one of the world's most unique whales, narwhals have many unusual adaptations, including their reliance on a specialized diet and the long, horn-like tooth of the males. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospher... More »

Blue whales are oceanic animals and have been seen in every ocean. In the Northern Hemisphere, distinct populations exist near Iceland, California and in the region between Newfoundland and Greenland. In the Southern Hem... More »

Orcas, the largest dolphins in the sea, subsist on a diet of fish, seals, sea lions, squid and dolphins, and they also eat porpoises and whales. Also called killer whales, orcas are highly social animals that travel in f... More »