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Henry Ford. Automaker Henry Ford was a captain of industry who is considered to have treated his workers well. He believed that well-paid workers would be happier and more efficient. For that reason, he instituted a $5-a-day pay rate, which was twice as much as other auto manufacturers paid.


What is a robber Baron? powerful 19th century business man who used questionable means to become powerful and/or wealthy Dishonest character Exploitations of workers corrupting politics Manipulation Intimidation What is a Captain of Industry? Helps economy rise Created something


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Henry Ford was a captain of industry and a strong chief. Henry Ford was a leader in many regards, industrially, socially, and economically. He introduced the production line, which changed industry forever. Socially, he changed the nation by introducing the 5-dollar a day workday. This even caused a migration.


Henry Ford – Bold Leadership in an Era of Dynamic Change. By all accounts, Ford was a visionary leader ahead of his time. For one, he enabled nearly everyone to have the ability to afford an automobile. But he also introduced technologies and innovations that changed the world.


Henry Ford was the first to utilize mass production in the auto industry which allowed him to streamline production and offer his automobiles for a competitive price.


He was the captain of industry because he was the person who was solely repsonsibly for the implementation of MASS PRODUCTION by using a highly efficient, mechanized assembly line that did not exist before Ford's time.


Video – Henry Ford and the Model T. Henry Ford’s Model T car allowed families to travel more than 15 miles from home in one day. It was the first time anybody could do this. It allowed people to get together with ease. Henry Ford, one of America’s greatest captains of industry, also introduced the assembly line into industrial production.


Working Conditions & Labor Practices Henry Ford was a Captain of Industry. He pioneered Mass Production, helped economic rise, and donated much of his wealth to charity. Childhood Born on a farm in Michigan, on July 30th 1863. Henry had 4 siblings ; 2 brothers & 2 sisters His


Henry Ford's Assembly Line. In 1913, Henry Ford launched the first moving assembly line for the mass production of the automobile. This new technique decreased the amount of time it took to build ...