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Henry Ford did not invent anything, but he innovated and revolutionized the automobile and manufacturing. Although he is often referred to as the inventor of the automobile, the first true automobile was invented by Karl Benz in 1885 or 1886. Ford, however, improved gre...


Henry Ford did not invent the car. Ford is considered to have made modern automobiles more accessible to a wider audience by speeding up the process of mass producing cars, and reducing the cost, beginning in 1914.


The assembly line was invented by Henry Ford on Dec 1, 1913. The first assembly line was invented for the production of the automobile, reducing the time of production from over 12 hours to 2.5 hours


Henry Ford is most famous for founding the Ford Motor Company and developing innovative concepts in manufacturing. Ford conceived and introduced the assembly line as a form of mass production in 1914. His vision was to have skilled, well-paid workers sharing in the prod...


Although Henry Ford is known for his invention of the Ford T model vehicle in 1908, he also made or introduced many other vehicles. In 1896, Ford made a vehicle, which was called a Quadricycle, states the Ford company website. The Quadricycle was a contraption that was ...


Ford engineered car parts to fail and he was a liberal champion of the worker are two myths that have been perpetrated about Henry Ford. He was a major figure in the growth of American industry who accomplished many great things, but he was primarily driven by profits.


Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company in Detroit and gave birth to the auto industry in the United States. He made major innovations to the manufacturing process, such as the moving assembly line, and paid his workers a steady wage which allowed them to actually buy...