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Henry VIII is possibly the most famous King of England, known both for his six wives and for the splitting of the Church. He had several children from different women, but only three were legitimate and survived past infancy. These were King Edward VI, Queen Mary I and Queen Elizabeth I. Many others were born illegitimately and only one of these was recognised - Henry Fitzroy.


The son of King Henry VII was Henry VIII(1491- 1547), the second king of the Tudor dynasty. He ruled over England for over 36 years. As a king, he played a very important role in the reformation of English, expansion of the Royal power as well as in provoking the break of England’s church from Rome.


King Henry VIII's grand nieces and grand nephews: King Henry VIII's great niece was Mary, Queen of Scots King Henry VIII's great niece was Lady Jane Grey King Henry VIII's great nephew was James Stewart King Henry VIII's great nephew was John Stewart, 1st Lord Darnley King Henry VIII's great nephew was James Stewart King Henry VIII's great nephew was James Stewart, Firs...


Henry VIII was born on June 28, 1491, in Placentia Palace (Greenwich, England). He was king of England and Ireland from 1509 until his death. He was the second of the Tudor dynasty. Son of Henry VII, the first English monarch of the Tudor dynasty, and Elizabeth of York.


King Henry VIII mother was Henry’s wife, Elizabeth of York. Together, Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York had four children; two boys and two girls. Henry and Elizabeth made their eldest son Arthur the Prince of Wales and named him as successor to the English throne.


Marrying Henry VIII was the worst thing that could possibly happen to you. After all, the dude was a homicidal monster. So who were the women unlucky enough to be queen of England between the years 1509 and 1547? Well, here’s the tragic truth of Henry VIII’s six wives.


As it was aligned with her family, and she was aligned with the king, the Church of England fell under Henry VIII’s command. Despite being named Queen Consort of England and bearing a daughter to Henry VIII, there was soon trouble in paradise. Anne’s inability to bear a son, a rightful male heir to the throne, proved to be her downfall.


Henry VIII, the king of England, who was known for being married six times and for playing a critical role within the English Reformation, turning his country into a Protestant nation.The son of Henry VII of England and Elizabeth York, Henry became king of England after the death of his father. He married six times, beheaded two of his wives and was the main instigator of the English Reformation.


The daughter of King Henry VIII and the Spanish princess Catherine of Aragon, Mary as a child was a pawn in England’s bitter rivalry with more powerful nations, being fruitlessly proposed in marriage to this or that potentate desired as an ally. A studious and bright girl, she was educated by her mother and a governess of ducal rank.


The life of England’s King Henry VIII is a royal paradox. A lusty womanizer who married six times and canoodled with countless ladies-in-waiting in an era before reliable birth control, he only ...