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There are many ways to create a game for making words including Scrabble, word search and crossword puzzles. Game creation depends on factors such as online or classroom formats, as well as difficulty level.


The "7 Little Words" game is an app on several mobile devices and PCs that takes everyday words and scrambles them into a puzzle. There is a new goal every day with a new puzzle and seven new words to unscramble.


Nice words to say to friends include telling them that you rely on them for help in difficult times, telling a friend in need that he's not alone, and expressing admiration for a friend's good qualities. Either express your own admiration to a friend or reassure her that she has the admiration of ot


There are 104 letter tiles in the game "Words With Friends" that can be used to build words on the game board. Each letter in the alphabet is represented in the game, the most abundant being the letters E and A with 13 and nine tiles respectively.


Fun word games for couples include the ABC game, the last letter game and the exhaustion game. These games don't require any supplies and work well with one or more couples.


Games that involve making words out of other words include anagrams, and the board game of the same name. Other games, such as Scrabble, use letters from words to make other words.


Friends are important because they bring companionship, support and enrichment to life. They are also needed for survival, notes the Mayo Clinic, as people who have friends are generally healthier and enjoy a better quality of life.


According to Mayo Clinic, friendships can have a large impact on a person's overall health and well-being. Strong friendships provide social support in times of need and decrease the risk of certain diseases.


Things a person can say to a friend include "I'm always there for you," "Thank you for supporting me" and compliments, such as telling the friend how compassionate or good at listening he is. The speaker should base what he says on his emotions and his friend's personality.


Players can find cheats for "Words with Friends" on these websites: YourDictionary.com and WordPlays.com. As of 2015, both of these websites provide free help and cheats for the game.