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Finding business-appropriate shoes to wear with jeans has never been easier. If we at Apparel Illustrated could wear only one type of shoe other than dress shoes, it would be a brogue shoe. Brogue shoes are not just for chinos and suits. Believe it or not —they are in fact perfect shoes to wear with jeans.


Here are twenty different ways to wear jeans with heels ↓20 – Ankle Boots With Jeans And Heels. Ankle boots with high heels look great with jeans and heels. Shorter heels in ankle boots can give you a strong cowgirl type look while higher and more delicate look will go well with skinny jeans and a casual blouse or even a t-shirt.


If you’re a fan of slim-fit jeans (which we’ll assume you are), you’ve probably faced the following dilemma at least once during your life: You’ve put together a great outfit with your favorite pair of your tightest denim, and you have absolutely no idea what shoes to wear with skinny jeans. Depending on the occasion, strappy heels might feel too dressy, flat sandals can sometimes look ...


Fortunately, when it comes to which shoes to wear with them, skinny jeans, cigarette jeans, slim jeans, jeggings, and all the rest of the tight jean lot get the same type of footwear treatment -- which I've covered in detail, in this aptly-titled article: The Best Shoes for Skinny Jeans.


What shoes to wear with straight leg jeans? Of the many styles of jeans we have spoken about, most women are stumped about the choice of shoes to wear with straight leg jeans. Since the style of the jeans is casual and unflattering, what you need to do is invest in a pair of very stylish shoes.


Type of Shoes to Wear with Jeans. Which shoes will look good with my jeans? This is a question which has been there in all of our minds so here are a number of different types of shoes and rules on wearing shoes with different types of jeans.


What shoes to Wear with Boot Cut Jeans. Unsurprisingly, boot cut jeans look fantastic when worn with boots.Thanks to their shape, which flares out slightly from the knee to the ankle, boot cut jeans sit perfectly over a pair of boots.


Formal Ways To Wear Jeans and Shoes. Incorporating jeans into your formal wear is hard enough without considering the shoes. Your top half should be typical coat and tie. Keep it slim cut. Gray or blue are your best bets for the blazer. Four your jeans, the color options are severely limited. Stick with either dark indigo or black.


Wear colorful flats with your cropped ankle jeans. Edward Berthelot/Getty Images If you're not into wearing high heel shoes, a colorful flat is a great way that you can still make a statement with your footwear.


Skinny Jeans footwear - A girl wants to be dressed up to the notch from head to toe. Be it for any occasion. She wants to look her best and so every girl has had that dilemma when putting together a fantastic outfit; what to put on with the perfect dress as perfect shoes.