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Enter your Age and Resting Heart Rate (If Known) then click Calculate Age and resting heart rate are required fields If maximum heart rate is entered that number is used in the calculations rather than age Age Resting Heart Rate Maximum Heart Rate Healthy Heart (40-52%) Easy (52-64%) Aerobic (64-76%) Zone 3 Anaerobic T


Here are seven easy-to-follow steps that will help you calculate your ideal heart-rate training zone. 1. Calculate Your Maximum Heart Rate. The easiest way to do this is a simple paper-and-pencil calculation. Subtract your age from 220. The result is an age-predicted maximum beats per minute.


This tool will take into account your sex and age and calculate your heart rate zones. Find out which is the appropriate zone for your training. Calculate heart rate zones. Calculate your heart rate zones. This calculation is an approximation based on your age and is therefore not 100% accurate. For more detailed measurement consult a professional.


Determining Your Heart Rate. Training Zones . If you know your Maximum Heart Rate, and as a bonus know your Resting Heart Rate, you can set some baseline training zones.Step 1 of Fitdigits 4 Keys to Cardio Fitness is to determine your personal heart rate zones.The most accurate zones are done with a scientific metabolic assessment by a professional service, but Fitdigits apps include a variety ...


Let’s explore what the different heart rate training zones are and then use the calculator below to find the best heart rate training zones for you. Heart Rate Training Zones. The first thing you will want to understand is the basic premise of the different heart rate zones of training. Keep in mind that these zones are based on the Maximum ...


Heart Rate Calculator. This calculator is actually five heart rate calculators all rolled into one. Calculate your maximum (MHR), target (THR), and reserve (RHR) heart rates, plus calculate your resting heart rate health category and create a personal, printable heart rate training zone chart.


1. Your zones will be more accurate if you base your max heart rate on a field test, rather than estimating it. 2. It is likely that your bike heart rate zones will be around 5-8 beats lower than your running heart rate zones. For this reason, use the lower end of the heart-rate zones for cycling and the mid to upper end of the zones for running.


Heart Rate Training Zones Another way to evaluate your aerobic exercise intensity is to compare how you feel to an established guide, such as a heart rate training zone. For our purposes and for new exercisers, training target zones can be thought of as a traffic light where the green, yellow, and red lights correspond to the intensity of exercise.


Maximum heart rate calculator and exercise target heart rate zone calculator. Calculate exercise target heart rate zones using basic or Karvonen formulas. The 5 exercise zones calculated are VO2 Max, Anaerobic, Aerobic, Fat Burn and Warm Up heart rate zones.


Heart Rate Training Zones. Your heart rate training zone is a critical element in exercise. You must train at a variety of different heart rates in order to stimulate your body to improve your fitness level. Taking your pulse and calculating your heart rate during a workout is one of the primary indicators in ascertaining the intensity level at ...