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Hearing your own heartbeat loud and clear in your head can be a frightening experience. While there are a number of reasons for hearing your heartbeat in your head, it is best to be examined by a doctor to rule out any serious health concerns.


One morning last week I woke up hearing my heartbeat in my left ear. I hear it most clearly when I am in bed or sitting quietly. My health is good, and I was told after a recent cardiac workup that my heart was "perfect." Should I be worried that I can hear the rhythmic pattern of my heart from inside my left ear? A.


Hearing got very difficult, like sounds have a hard time getting past the WHOOSH WHOOSH. But body noises are very loud. If I'm talking or singing, it sounds really loud and distorted in that ear. Combing hair, I hear the comb scratching my head. Swallowing, I hear all the squish & squeaks, and blowing my nose is REALLY loud in that ear.


This could be serious or not. Without visiting a GP and going through all possible causes, it is very difficult to judge. You know yourself the best. When you observe an abrupt change that is persistent for hours or tens of minutes and does not ge...


What Could It Be If I Can Hear My Heartbeat in My Ear? If you can hear heartbeat in your ear often, you must be experiencing what is called pulsatile tinnitus, or a rhythmic pulsation that is in coordination with your normal heartbeat. This condition is also called avascular tinnitus, which may be related to blood flow disturbances.


I hear my heart and feel it in my head, it sounds like an ultrasound of a baby's heartbeat inside the womb. I'm now starting to have sleep paralysis is where my mind is awake but my body is paralysed, i hear and sometimes can open my eyes but can't move and that is so scary. I'm 53 i smoke, quit for 20 yrs and picked it back up 5 yrs ago.


How come I can feel my heart beat in my head? Its driving me mad, and gets worse when I lie down. The dr.s have no answers for me. Have run a bunch of tests and everything is normal.


I Can Hear My Heartbeat in My Ear—What’s Wrong? Medically, hearing your heartbeat in your ear is known as pulsatile tinnitus. This is basically a fancy way of saying that you hear a rhythmic pulse in your ears that matches the beating of your heart. When it is related to a problem with the blood flow, it is called avascular tinnitus.


Although the sensation of your heart beating in your head may be alarming and worrisome, these types of palpitations are usually harmless. In certain instances, however, they could potentially suggest the presence of a more serious heart condition, such as an irregular heartbeat, that may require medical intervention as suggested by your doctor.


Hearing Your Heartbeat In Your Ear Could Be A Sign Of A Serious Health Disorder Posted on October 30, 2010 by admin — 2 Comments ↓ People who experience hearing their heartbeat in their ear usually experience this when lying down and trying to fall asleep.