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When repairing a hearing aid the basics should be undertaken first, states Hearings Solutions. Ear wax should be cleaned out and the batteries and wax filter replaced. In addition, the input settings should be checked. If these tasks fail to make the hearing aid work, it may be necessary to have the


To repair a hearing aid, find out the cause of the problem, and use common solutions such as replacing the battery, according to Oticon. If no solutions fix the problem, a hearing care professional can repair or replace the device.


Zounds Hearing manufactures the best hearing aid available, according to ConsumerAffairs. The company offers four models of hearing aids that cover the sound spectrum up to 8000 Hertz, notes Zounds Hearing.


Free hearing aids are offered by some insurance providers as well as various state and local organizations, including Medicaid and vocational rehabilitation agencies. There are also free hearing aids available to children when required by the Individualized Education Program, and to qualified vetera


As of April 2015, hearing aids from Unitron, Widex, MDHearingAid, Beltone and Zounds are some of the best rated, according to Consumer Affairs. Hearing aids from Miracle-Ear, ReSound, Rexton, Binson's and Oticon are also highly rated.


To clean a hearing aid shell, wipe it down with a tissue. Clean the microphone by holding it so that it faces the floor, and gently stroke it with the brush included with the hearing aid.


Price comparisons for hearing aids are available online at HearingPlanet.com. This website compares the prices and styles of different brands of hearing aids. A free information guide on purchasing the right one is available, as of 2015.


Hearing aids are rated according to criteria such as features, comfort and functionality, says Consumer Reports. Collecting and comparing information from user surveys and evaluating various aspects of performance is an effective method for rating the various styles and brands of hearing aids availa


Many good brands of hearing aids exist on the market, and the best is the one recommended by a person's hearing aid provider that suits the person's needs, explains Consumer Reports. Several types of hearing aids include behind-the-ear, standard-tube, completely in the canal, in the canal and in the


Discussing aspects such as lifestyle, interests and listening situations with a hearing aid specialist helps determine the style and features of the hearing aid that best match the user’s needs, advises Consumer Reports. Getting a medical checkup before opting for a hearing aid eliminates other corr