Ninja recipe books contain recipes for numerous shakes and smoothies, fruit and vegetable soups and salads. In addition, there are several salsa and dip recipes for appetizers, and some recipes for food items such as bur... More » Food Cooking

A recipe for Hawaiian beef sliders from Healthy Cooking magazine is a good recipe, and it makes sweet and savory sliders with pineapples and bacon. The recipe takes 40 minutes to make and yields 6 servings. More » Food Cooking

Linda's Low Carb Menus & Recipes features recipes for salads, snacks, soups, breads and desserts. It also has categories for main dishes, side dishes and miscellaneous items such as sauces, seasoning blends and dressings... More »

Some Ball home canning recipes include jams and jellies, pickles, salsas, fruits, vegetables, and soups and salads. Many of the jam and jelly recipes are easy to make and use the freezing method. More » Food Cooking

According to the American Heart Association, some healthy soups for a heart patient on a diet include chicken tortilla soup and vegetable barley soup, among many others. The key is using low-fat, low-sodium chicken, beef... More » Food Cooking

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