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One recipe for a healthy juice is as follows: take two collard green leaves, 1/4 cup of cilantro, one and one-half green apples, three medium-sized carrots, one-fourth of a medium-sized cucumber and 1 inch of fresh peeled ginger root. Place the ingredients into the juicer in this order.


Carrot juice is healthy and nutritious, making it a good addition to most diets. Carrots contain high amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, and the juice provides a concentrated way to consume them.


To make various juices using a juicing machine, combine ingredients such as oranges, kale, apples, carrots and beets. Add additional ingredients such as chia seeds, ginger and horseradish to more basic juicing recipes to add additional flavor.


Food Network publishes a candied carrots recipe on its website, FoodNetwork.com. The recipe is from chef Tyler Florence, host of the Food Network program “Tyler’s Ultimate.” The recipe is from the show’s “Ultimate Holiday Table” episode, requires 50 minutes total prep time and yields four servings.


Some good recipes for cooked carrot side dishes are Roasted Carrots, Honey-Glazed Carrots and Carrot Puree. Curried Carrot Soup can be a first course or a light entree, and Carrot Halwa is a popular cooked Indian dessert.


Consuming too much carrot juice may lead to a condition called carotenosis in which the skin turns a yellowish orange color, primarily on the nose, palms and soles. Most of the time, this condition causes no harm, but sometimes the carotenosis that occurs as a result from drinking large amounts of c


One of the best carrot cake recipes is the best carrot cake from Southern Living that uses both a buttermilk glaze and a cream cheese frosting. Another good recipe is Grandma Hiers' carrot cake from Paula Deen at the Food Network.


Preparing carrot soup is easy and requires little more than adding ingredients to a large pot and simmering until the vegetables are soft. For added creaminess, try adding some half-and-half.


A juice that improves immune system health uses golden beets, carrots, celery, cucumber, ginger and pear. A juice that increases blood flow to the brain and improves cognitive function relies on purple beets, sweet potato and carrots. To make a juice that increases energy levels, use apples, carrots


CarrotJuice.com suggests that the number of fluid ounces of carrot juice consumed daily should be limited depending on overall body weight, because the sugar in carrots make them high in calories. Drinking over 16 ounces of carrot juice a day may not be beneficial.