Cinnamon apple bread is a great choice of a healthy homemade apple bread recipe. The chopped apples and the cinnamon are the two ingredients that set this recipe apart from other bread recipes. More » Food Cooking Desserts

To make white bread, add 1 cup of warm water, 2 tablespoons of white sugar and 1 1/4-ounce package of bread machine yeast to the bread machine. Allow the ingredients to sit for 10 minutes for the yeast to activate. Add 1... More » Food Cooking Bread

Some recipes for a bread machine include the pecan wheat bread recipe from King Arthur Flour and the fresh herb bread recipe from Betty Crocker. A bread machine streamlines the bread-making process with its kneading, ris... More » Food Cooking Bread

To make Puerto Rican bread pudding, tear the bread of choice into small pieces, using 1 and 2 loaves. Slightly stale bread is preferred for Puerto Rican bread pudding. Mix the bread into a batter, and bake at 350 degrees... More » Food Cooking Desserts

An easy recipe for apple pumpkin bread on combines chopped apples and pumpkin puree with ingredients such as flour, sugar, oil, eggs and baking soda to form the batter. The bread takes 15 minutes to pr... More » Food Cooking Desserts

An easy recipe for apple bread pudding on involves baking a combination of ingredients, such as diced apples, cubed bread, eggs, cream and honey. A simple apple bread pudding recipe is also available... More » Food Cooking Desserts

To make apple bread, the ingredients needed include shredded carrots, applesauce, vegetable oil, vanilla and eggs. Other ingredients in a typical recipe are sugar, flour, baking powder, baking soda and spices. There are ... More » Food Cooking Desserts