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A health smart card is a plastic card, about the size of a credit card, that is embedded with a computer chip containing both the administrative and medical data of a patient.The data contained in the card is in a compact, encrypted, computer-readable form, so that a great deal of information can be housed on the card’s chip.


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The Smart Card Alliance Health and Human Services Council developed this infographic to depict the impact of smart card technology on the future of healthcare identity authentication and suggest how current challenges can be solved through interoperability, increased security, and multi-factor authentication. Download infographic. View document.


The History of Smart Cards in Healthcare dates back to the 1990s. In 1998, the French health-care system began providing each patient with a small green card. Each patient carries “the carte vitale”. It is a Smart Card, a plastic credit card with a memory chip on it.


The Smart Health Card System takes your virtual longitudinal personal health record and stores it on a secure card. The patient’s identity (photograph and ID/Password) drives access to the card. Additionally, it features the same authentication and security protocol as employed by the Department of Defense.


Comment in Aust Health Rev. 2009 Feb;33(1):3. An analytical, cross-sectional survey of 270 emergency department patients and 92 staff undertaken in three tertiary referral hospital emergency departments was completed to compare the perceptions of patients and staff regarding the use of health smart cards containing patient medical records.


Every Taiwanese citizen has a NHI IC card (integrated circuit card, a smart card), which is used to identify the person, store a brief medical history and to bill the national insurer. The patient has to bring his NHI IC card each time he/she utilises medical services. The hospitals will then claim the related charges from the government.


Smart health cards can improve the security and privacy of patient information, provide the secure carrier for portable medical records, reduce healthcare fraud, support new processes for portable medical records, provide secure access to emergency medical information, enable compliance with government initiatives and mandates, and provide the ...


Health Professionals The Health SmartCard similar to a credit card, is embedded with a computer chip that securely stores and processes transactions between the Health Professionals (Service Provider) and Methealth Namibia Administrators. All ten fingerprints of the members are stored onto the Health SmartCard.


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